Average Male Height by Country

The World's Average Bra Cup Size: A Country-by-Country Breakdown

The tallest men on average are from the Netherlands, standing at 6ft (1.83m) tall. The shortest men are from Indonesia, standing at 5ft 2in (1.58m) according to the table below. You can sort the average height for each country in ascending or descending order. Simply, click on the heading of any of the columns or use the search field to find the country or height of your choice.

Browse our comprehensive list of average heights for men across different countries. Use the search field below to quickly find your country and see how your height compares to other men around the world.

Average Male Height By Country
Country Continent Height (m) Height (ft)
Albania Europe 1.740 5' 8.5"
Algeria Africa 1.722 5' 7.75"
Argentina South America 1.745 5' 8.5"
Australia Oceania 1.756 5' 9"
Austria Europe 1.792 5'10.5"
Azerbaijan Asia 1.718 5' 7.75"
Bahrain Asia 1.651 5' 5"
Belgium Europe 1.786 5'10.25"
Bolivia South America 1.600 5' 3"
Brazil South America 1.731 5' 8.25"
Bosnia & Herzegovina Europe 1.839 6' 0.5"
Bulgaria Europe 1.752 5' 9"
Cambodia Asia 1.625 5' 4"
Cameroon Africa 1.706 5' 7.25"
Canada North America 1.751 5' 9"
Chile South America 1.710 5' 7.25"
China Asia 1.670 5' 5.75"
Colombia South America 1.706 5' 7"
Croatia Europe 1.805 5'11"
Cuba North America 1.680 5' 6.25"
Czech Republic Europe 1.803 5'11"
Denmark Europe 1.826 6' 0"
Ecuador South America 1.635 5' 4.25"
Egypt Africa 1.703 5' 7"
Estonia Europe 1.791 5'10.5"
Finland Europe 1.789 5'10.5"
France Europe 1.756 5' 9.25"
Gambia Africa 1.680 5' 6.25"
Germany Europe 1.810 5'11.25"
Ghana Africa 1.695 5' 6.75"
Greece Europe 1.783 5'10.25"
Hong Kong Asia 1.734 5' 8.5"
Hungary Europe 1.765 5' 9.5"
Iceland Europe 1.810 5'11.5"
India Asia 1.647 5' 4.75"
Indonesia Asia 1.580 5' 2.25"
Iran Asia 1.703 5' 7"
Iraq Asia 1.654 5' 5"
Ireland Europe 1.775 5'10"
Israel Asia 1.770 5' 9.75"
Italy Europe 1.765 5' 9.5"
Ivory Coast Africa 1.701 5' 7"
Jamaica North America 1.718 5' 7.75"
Japan Asia 1.707 5' 7.25"
Kazakhstan Asia 1.690 5' 6.5"
Lebanon Asia 1.760 5' 9.25"
Libya Africa 1.713 5' 7.5"
Lithuania Europe 1.772 5' 9.75"
Luxembourg Europe 1.799 5'10.75"
Malawi Africa 1.660 5' 5.25"
Malaysia Asia 1.663 5' 5.5"
Mali Africa 1.713 5' 7.5"
Malta Europe 1.699 5' 7"
Mauritamia Africa 1.720 5' 7.75"
Mexico North America 1.670 5' 5.75"
Mongolia Asia 1.684 5' 6.25"
Montenegro Europe 1.832 6' 0"
Morocco Africa 1.727 5' 8"
Nepal Asia 1.630 5' 4.25"
Netherlands Europe 1.838 6' 0.5"
New Zealand Oceania 1.770 5' 9.75"
Nigeria Africa 1.638 5' 4.5"
Korea, North Asia 1.656 5' 5.25"
Norway Europe 1.824 5'11.75"
Pakistan Asia 1.693 5' 6.75"
Panama North America 1.650 5' 5"
Papua New Guinea Oceania 1.63 5' 4"
Paraguay South America 1.690 5' 6.5"
Peru South America 1.640 5' 4.5"
Philippines Asia 1.619 5' 3.75"
Poland Europe 1.787 5'10.5"
Portugal Europe 1.737 5' 8.5"
Qatar Asia 1.708 5' 7"
Romania Europe 1.720 5' 7.5"
Russia Asia 1.772 5'10"
Saudi Arabia Asia 1.689 5' 6.5"
Senegal Africa 1.750 5' 9"
Serbia Europe 1.820 5'11.5"
Singapore Asia 1.706 5' 7.25"
Slovakia Europe 1.794 5'10.75"
Slovenia Europe 1.803 5'11"
South Africa Africa 1.680 5' 6"
Korea, South Asia 1.735 5' 8.5"
Spain Europe 1.780 5'10"
Sri Lanka Asia 1.636 5' 4.5"
Sweden Europe 1.779 5'10"
Switzerland Europe 1.754 5' 9"
Syria Asia 1.730 5' 8"
Taiwan Asia 1.714 5' 7.5"
Thailand Asia 1.703 5' 7"
Timor-Leste Asia 1.60 5' 3"
Tonga Oceania 1.761 5' 9.5"
Tunisia Africa 1.723 5' 7.75"
Turkey Euro/Asia 1.740 5' 8.5"
Turkministan Asia 1.720 5' 7.75"
UAE Asia 1.734 5' 8.25"
Ukraine Europe 1.765 5' 9.5"
United Kingdom Europe 1.770 5' 9.75"
United States North America 1.763 5' 9.5"
Uruguay South America 1.700 5' 7"
Uzbekistan Asia 1.754 5' 9"
Venezuela South America 1.690 5' 6.5"
Vietnam Asia 1.621 5' 3.75"

The average adult male globally is about 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm). Many people wonder about the average height for males around the world. Understanding this is key for healthcare, anthropology, and social studies. A person's height shows their overall health and helps us learn about different groups.

Male height differs across groups due to genes, nutrition, environment, and medical issues. Studying these factors teaches us how people grow and develop.

Average Male Height Chart by Region
Category Details
Global Average Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
US Average Height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Ethnic Variations in the US Non-Hispanic white and Black men tend to be taller than Hispanic and Asian men.
Regional Variations in the US Men in wealthier areas tend to be taller.
Height Changes Over Time in the US Slight increase in average height over time.
Tallest Country Netherlands: 6 feet (183 cm)
Second Tallest Country Montenegro: 6 feet (182 cm)
Shortest Country Timor-Leste: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Second Shortest Country Papua New Guinea: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)

Groups like the World Health Organization gather data on people's sizes worldwide. This information shows the differences in height across cultures, economies, and environments. Varied factors clearly impact people's height around the globe. Visit our "Average Male Height" page to learn more.

Being of average height as a man is normal globally. This fact gives health experts, leaders, and researchers helpful information. By learning what affects height, we can make societies healthier and fairer for all.

Let's look at the key reasons why average male height differs in different groups of people around the world.

Average Heights in the United States

In the U.S., average heights for adult men differ based on factors like ethnicity and location. Studies done by researchers worldwide show that the average height for adult men in the U.S. is around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). But these numbers may change a bit depending on the study and the specific group measured.

A person's ethnicity affects height in the United States. On average, non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic Black men tend to be a little taller than Hispanic and Asian men. Things like genes, wealth, and environment impact growth.

Where someone lives in the U.S. can also lead to height differences. Research says people from areas with less money and resources tend to be shorter. Access to good healthcare, nutrition, and living conditions affects a person's general health and growth.

In my hometown, I noticed many of my classmates from wealthier families were taller than those from poorer households. This lines up with the research showing environment and resources impact height. Of course, genes also play a role. But having access to nutritious food, medical care, and stable living situations gives some kids a growth advantage.

You may notice that men's heights in the U.S. have risen slightly over time. National studies show this slight rise, pointing to some change in the overall average.

Knowing the typical height of U.S. men helps us understand national health. It can guide efforts to improve growth, nutrition, and general wellness.

Worldwide, the stature of men differs quite a bit. Learning about these variations helps us understand the cultural and biological reasons behind male heights. We will explore some fascinating facts about average male heights across countries.

The Netherlands leads with tallest men on average, towering around 6 feet (183 cm) tall. Dutch culture and genetics play a role in their lofty stature.

On the shorter side, South Korean men have an average height of about 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). Factors like diet and environment contribute to their petite frames.

In the United States, the average male stands 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). Yet, height can vary among ethnic groups and regions within the country.

Scandinavian nations like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark rank among the tallest men worldwide. Their averages surpass the global norm. Nutritious diets and healthy lifestyles bolster their towering physiques.

Several Sub-Saharan African countries report lower average male heights. Limited access to proper nutrition and higher disease rates can stunt growth.

From Shortest to Tallest Average Height

Many places on Earth have differences in how tall men tend to be. Let's dive into the countries with the shortest and tallest average male heights. We'll also explore some reasons behind these variations.

Shortest Average Male Heights

1. Timor-Leste has the world's shortest average male height of about 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm). Certain factors like genetics, nutrition, and economic status may play a role.

2. In Papua New Guinea, the average man stands around 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall. Limited access to healthcare and nutritious food can contribute to stunted growth here.

Tallest Average Male Height

1. Netherlands stands tall as the country with the tallest average height for men. Dutch men often tower around 6 feet (183 cm) high. Their impressive stature seems to stem from both nature and nurture. The Dutch gene pool favors height, along with their wholesome diet.

2. Montenegro follows closely behind, with the average man measuring about 6 feet (182 cm) tall. A mix of hereditary traits and an healthy lifestyle could contribute to their height.

But, these examples scratch the surface. Countless factors can shape the average male height in different nations. Genetic diversity, economic status, and diet all play pivotal roles in determining height. For instance, regions with limited resources may face nutritional deficiencies, stunting growth. Conversely, prosperous areas with abundant nutrient-rich foods could foster taller statures.

Variations in average male height can offer a deeper understanding of genetics, nutrition, and environment. It can give us insights into other factors affecting the growth and development of human beings.

In Conclusion

People's heights differ around the world on average. What causes this? Many reasons exist. First, genes play a role. People from some places pass down genes for being taller or shorter. But genes aren't everything. Nutrition matters as well. People who eat healthy diets tend to grow taller. The environment also impacts height. Those living in areas with clean water and good healthcare often grow taller.

Money can influence height as well. Poverty can lead to poorer nutrition and health issues, stunting growth. Observing height differences, we learn about populations' health and living conditions. This knowledge helps create plans for better nutrition and well-being worldwide. The complex factors shaping height reveal insights into human growth and development.

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